Saturday, December 20, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

So, I'm going to the Philippines today! Wheee!

I have to admit, it's kind of bittersweet. I spent Chirstmas and New Year's there two years ago, which was fun. It's nice to be be in 85-90 degree weather, especially since we got hit with some snow last night! I'm almost packed and ready to go! There's so much luggage downstairs since this time I'm going with my mom and brother. I'm sad that my dad couldn't come with us this time- he's going to be home alone for two weeks! *sadface

I'm excited to see my sister and the rest of my family, too! [Sometimes I get so sad since most of my cousins live over in the Pinas while I'm here in the US. The little family I do have in the states are also sooo spread out and it's nearly impossible for us to get together these days. Gets kinda lonely. But it's always nice to go over to the Pinas and see everyone again.] We have a bunch of stuff planned out for the next few days to come so be on the lookout for pictures `=]

My mom said I can only fill up one maleta booooo

Look at Mark and my baby elephant that's coming with me =]

I'm going to miss my boyfriend sooo much!

You probably can't see it all too well but this is us on the first snow fall before he went back to Penn State. What a sweetie - just came back to Jersey to see me! I love him <3